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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Global HPC - Human Powered Circumnavigations

  Name First names Nat born starting point start date arrival date time Antipode 1 Antipode 2 Assist Support Style note
1 LEWIS Jason UK 13-Sep-67 London 12-Jul-94 6-Oct-07 13y,2m,25d 23.48.36N,48.37.37W 23.47.00S,131.22.00E yes human powered stages* First HPC
*The present requirement for an HPC (Human Powered Circumnavigation) is that each new stage has to start where the last ended. In 2000 Jason had to get a tow 35 miles from the Australian mainland to avoid being shipwrecked. Jason then tried to repeat this part in 2001 and managed 12 miles before the Kayak sank. In 2005 he went back again and finalized the last 23 miles.

The present rules of HPC states that all parts of the trips have to be in "order". The general reasoning behind this rule is that a "jig-saw" situation should be avoided. Adventurestats have decided that Jason's out of order sequence was minor (35 miles of the minimum distance of a HPC - 21,600 Nautical Miles), and the sequence rules where not in place at the time. Jason Lewis is recognized as the first ever Human Powered Circumnavigation.